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Biggest and most active custom games discord in Middle East. Make sure to join our server for more informations.

Custom Games

  • Join us on discord with over 40k competitive players where daily practice and ranked scrims sessions are hosted.

Tournaments & Events

  • Whether online or in-person, we offer esport competition management and administration services from A to Z. You can count on our team of administrators.

Daily Practice

  • Compete with professional players in our daily custom games (Solos & Duos) & practice to improve your skills for tournaments & FNCS Cups .


- About Us.

We are a discord server based in ME. We host some of the most stacked customs on Middle-East server. Powered by : Team SAQR.


SAQR Scrims was founded with the main motive, ie catering to competitive players, who want to grind and get better. Because of arena queue times, it can be difficult to grind it, thus our customs are a good substitute and better practice. It is good if you come to play our customs and grind points, but the only thing you should be concentrating on is making yourself better over time, that's all we want.

Why should I play SAQR Scrims over other servers?

SAQR Scrims has been successful in the last two seasons and the major reason behind it is our rules.


- Unlike other custom discords with no fighting till third / fourth zone appears, we let people fight offspawn, restrict them from fighting the next zone where they can loot and farm up and then fight in the zone after that ie third zone.


- These zone rules allow you to improve your endgame, as well as offspawn fighting, as offspawn fighting and having dominance over your drop is one of the main things in Competitive Fortnite..

Simply verify through Yunite in #verification channel in our discord and you’ll be able to play in our customs.

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SAQR Scrims | ME

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SAQR Scrims has been successful in the last two seasons and the major reason behind it is our rules.